A1.2 Verb patterns - 1 Verb forms and patterns

Academic Writing for International Students of Science - Jane Bottomley 2015

A1.2 Verb patterns
1 Verb forms and patterns

Many verbs require specific syntactic patterns when they occur in a sentence. See for example the verbs describing cause and effect in the Study Box.

Study Box: Cause and effect: verb patterns

x causes/leads to/results in/gives rise to y

x causes y to do sth

x leads/results in y doing sth

x does y/x is done, which …

x does y/x is done, causing/leading to/resulting in/giving rise to/triggering …


Combine the phrases and verbs below to show cause and effect.

1) water pressure → wheel turns (cause)

2) continued use of fossil fuels → climate change (give rise to)

3) the new safety measures introduced last year → decrease in accidents (lead to)

4) better technology in the future → more efficient energy production (result in)

5) dirty drinking water → sickness → national health crisis (result in/trigger)