Accepted! 50 successful college admission essays - Gen Tanabe, Tanabe Kelly 2008

Accepted! 50 successful college admission essays - Gen Tanabe, Tanabe Kelly 2008

The almighty admission essay

Why the admission essay is critical

College admission: art or science?

What we can teach you about successful admission essays

The ingredients of the essay

Why you should care about the essay

Essay questions you’re likely to face

Is this a trick question?

The dreaded word count

Technology to the rescue or not

How to find the perfect topic

Begin with a brainstorm

The litmus test for originality

Analyze your topic’s revealing qualities

Challenge your topic with these questions

Too much detail

Just plain dumb topics

The essay-writing workshop

Writing your masterpiece

Essential strategies for writing a great essay

You are the subject of your essay

25 worst essay-writing mistakes

When the big game is a big mistake

How humor can kill an essay

The importance of editors

Recycling your essays

Don’t throw away a good essay

The common application: the best way to recycle

Modifying an existing essay

A final warning about recycling

Roundtable with admission officers

Meet the admission officers

57 successful admission essays

Personal beliefs and refl ections

Memorable essay: Snow junkie

Influential books

Essays about family

Memorable essay: Melodies of life

Influential people

Memorable Essay: Cracking yourb open

Things that represent me

Memorable essay: Spaghetti sauce

Essays about writing essays

Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

Memorable essay: My new brother

Essays about music

Math and science

Essays about issues

Overcoming a weakness or challenge

Essays about places

Parting words

You can write a breathtaking essay

How final decisions are made

Appendix: Web resources