How to write a winning scholarship essay - Gen Tanabe, Kelly Tanabe 2018

How to write a winning scholarship essay - Gen Tanabe, Kelly Tanabe 2018

The secret to winning a scholarship

You are 60 seconds away from the trash bin

The scholarship strategies you’ll learn

Not just looking for straight a students discover card tribute award scholarship

Why we know so much about scholarships

Where to find great scholarships

Exploring scholarship goldmines

Ambassadors Wanted

Work experience & financial aid

Which scholarship is right for you?

Make learning their mission your mission

Making the match

Judges’ Roundtable: inside the selection process

Meet the scholarship judges

What is the purpose of your award?

Who typically judges the scholarship competition?

How does your scholarship selection process work?

What qualities do you look for when selecting the winner?

What sets the winner apart from the runner-up?

What advice do you have for future applicants?

Participating Judges & Experts

Essay writing workshop

Why the essay is critical to winning

The making of a powerful essay

Focus on solutions

Four Common Features of All Winning Essays


Hard to believe but true essay mistakes

Answer the underlying question

Share a slice of life


How to find the perfect topic

Putting words onto paper

Go beyond the superficial

Use examples & illustrate

The importance of editors

Recycle & Reuse

How to write a great introduction or conclusion

Essays get better with each revision

Stay Motivated

30 winning scholarship essays

The money-winning essays

Experiences & Challenges

A scholarship support network

Essays about family

The intangible benefits of applying

Essay advice from the winners

National or international issues

The importance of getting editors

Community Service & Volunteerism

Career plans or field of study

Essays about leadership

Academic accomplishments

Seeking genuineness

Essays about athletics

Artistic talents

12 essays that bombed

Learning from failure

Where’s the point?

The attempted tearjerker

Miss America essay

The life-changing voyage

Convoluted vocabulary

Behold! My statistics

The most influential person in the world

Creativity overload

Be true

The future me

My life as seen on TV

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Complex problem, simple solution

Judges’ roundtable: the scholarship essay

Meet the scholarship judges

How important is the essay to winning a scholarship?

What qualities make an essay powerful?

What common mistakes do students make on the essay?

Participating Judges & Experts

Winning interview strategies

Face-to-face with the interview

Friendly & hostile interviews

How to ace the interview

Transform any interview from an interrogation into a conversation

Advice from a Rhodes Scholar

You are not the center of the universe

The group interview

Dress & act the part

What it’s like to be an interviewer

How to make practice into perfect

The long-distance interview

The hostile interview

The disaster interview


Make sure you make your point

Real interview questions & answers

Giving the right answers

Achievements & leadership guestions

Tip #1 from a scholarship winner

Personal Questions

Misinterpreting the judges

Why you deserve to win questions

Education & college questions

Tip #2 from a scholarship winner

Academic questions

Tip #3 from a scholarship winner

Your career & future questions

Tip #4 from a scholarship winner

Activity questions

Opinion questions

Tip #5 from a scholarship winner

Judges’ Roundtable: the Interview

Meet the scholarship judges

How important is the interview in determining who wins the award?

What are some typical questions that you ask?

From your experience what are qualities of a good interview?

What common mistakes do students make in interviews?

How should students prepare for interviews?

Poor ways to begin an interview

Participating judges & experts

Final Thoughts

A personal ending

Special request

appendix a: scholarship directory

appendix b: web ReSources