49 ESL Conversation Games & Activities - Jackie Bolen 2020

49 ESL Conversation Games & Activities - Jackie Bolen 2020

About the author, Jackie Bolen

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Top 10 tips for teaching english conversation

1: Student-centered vs. teacher-centered

2: Teach students how to ask questions

3: The need to listen

4: It doesn't always need to be fun

5: Make a plan

6: Provide a demonstration of the language and game/activity

7: Change partners frequently

8: Give feedback

9: Use the whiteboard for key words and phrases

10: Change it up

Top 5 Tips for teaching low level conversation classes

1: Don't hope for miracles

2: Focus on other skills first

3: Focus on vocabulary

4: Student-centered teaching: Is it possible?

5: Build confidence

English conversation games and activities for all levels

Agony Aunt

Chapter response

Conversation starters

Deserted Island

Find someone who ... bingo

Just a minute

Making videos

Phone show and tell


Running dictation

Survey activities

Talk show

The hot seat

Toilet paper icebreaker

Vocabulary Apples to Apples

What can I do with a ...?

What am I?

Where are they now?

Would you rather?

English conversation games and activities for higher level students

2 Truths and a lie

5 Minute Debate

20 Questions

Ask me about

Bucket lists

Character problems and solutions

Cocktail party

Complaint desk

Cosmo quiz

Do you like to ...?

“Expert” conversation activity

Find something in common

Group therapy

Interesting story and questions

Man/Woman on the street

Problem and advice

Story picture cards sequencing

What are you cooking?

Who do you want at your party?

English conversation games and activities for lower level students

Ball Toss

Can and should speaking activity

Daily schedule speaking activity

Dialogue substitution

Draw a picture, but someone else is talking

Fill in this form, please

Flyer time

My world

Only 1 Question

Pass and ask


Show and tell

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Conversation class lesson plans

Aging to challenge south Korea’s economic transformation

Korea’s aging population

People use technology more, sleep less

More conversation class lesson plans

Speaking class pronunciation practice