Obtain more spelling help - Step 7 – Proof

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Obtain more spelling help
Step 7 – Proof

English spelling is difficult, because the language absorbed many words from many other languages, experienced numerous changes in pronunciation, and now uses different ways of spelling.

Internet search suggestions

When challenged by a difficult to spell word, use an internet search engine. By default, Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide hints and auto-completion. Just start typing a few of the letters in the search box and often you will find the illusive spelling. (If your Google page fails to show suggestions, sign in and change the preferences at: www.google.com/preferences.)

Also, if you question the spelling of a word, perform a search with the word in question accompanied by adjacent words from your composition or by words of similar meaning. Generally, the browser will suggest the correct spelling, and the search results will verify if the word means what you think it does. This can distinguish words that are confusing, such as bare and bear.

Online dictionaries

Other tools are online dictionaries. The easiest to use are those built into Google and Bing. Just type the word in question preceded or followed by the word define or definition. These integrated dictionaries are far better than most other online dictionaries, because they are free from distracting advertising.

If you need a more detailed dictionary use Wiktionary. It is thorough, fast loading, and free of advertising.