Seek guidance - Step 1 – Identify readers & Purpose

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Seek guidance
Step 1 – Identify readers & Purpose

The first step to good writing is to gain a clear understanding of your readers and your message.

Here is why. You do not want to work hard on a lengthy report or complex proposal, only to see it go unread or its recommendations ignored. You also do not want to write an email and later realize that the substance or tone was wrong. Yet this is what can happen if you misjudge your audience and their needs. You can avoid missteps if you get clear on your readers, understand their desires, and match your messages to their situations.

Seek guidance

When starting on a new writing assignment seek guidance from your sponsor, your supervisor, a topic expert, or some of your readers. Probe for understanding and make notes. Your notes will prove helpful as you advance your project.