Your personal plan - Afterword

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Your personal plan

We live in the Information Age. Essentially an unlimited amount of information is available to much of the earth’s population. In a world becoming increasingly interlinked and data-rich, individuals and organizations gain a competitive advantage by producing superior documents. Not only do well-written documents help us communicate more effectively, but the labor of writing and rewriting them helps us think clearly.

As you seek to improve your writing, start with a proven writing process. Advance one step at a time, learning and applying the skills to everyday writing tasks. Whatever you write—emails, text messages, reports, proposals, scripts, web pages, or blog posts—make them the best you can.

Get clear about your readers and your theme. Collect the information needed to support your position. Expand your thinking through brainstorming. Make mind maps and outlines to organize your content. Draft quickly. Edit for clarity, brevity, and a natural flow. Embrace the full power of word processing and grammar checking. Enlist the aid of an electronic text reader. In summary, work hard at your writing so your readers do not have to work hard at reading what you write.

Most of all, take pride in what you write. It reflects on your mind and character. It is an important asset.

As you strive to write better, I wish you much success.

Your personal plan

What are you going to do to be a better writer?

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