Withhold judgment - Step 5 – Draft

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Withhold judgment
Step 5 – Draft

After doing the groundwork laid out in the prior chapters, you are prepared to compose your first draft. The ease of making that first draft depends on this preparation. With little or no preparation, you will find the writing task laborious and protracted. On the other hand, with ample prewriting, you will write faster and with greater ease.

Withhold judgment

Now, just start writing. And the best way to start is to set aside unrealistic expectations of composing a perfect document in one step, and begin. If doubts arise, say, “I will do what I can. If there are mistakes, I will fix them later.”

After you commence, keep going. Using your outline, mind map, or Ishikawa diagram, write at least one sentence for each element. Withhold judgment and move ahead. If you have a message to share—which you came to understand through prewriting—your subconscious mind will have sufficient material to pass to your conscious mind during the drafting step. Often, it seems like magic when the thoughts and words flow.

James Thurber said, “Don't get it right, just get it written.”[10] (photo credit)