The modern world depends on writing - Good writing is important

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

The modern world depends on writing
Good writing is important

More and more people are using the internet to receive and to provide information. This is rapidly expanding the amount of written material, and it is increasing the importance of distinguishing what you write. If you want to reach people, you need to write material that stands out from the crowd.

The number of published books now exceeds 200 million volumes. More than 2 million bloggers daily make a post. In addition, the horde of internal unpublished documents is gigantic.

In addition, there is email. During 2017, 2.7 billion people sent 269 billion emails each day, of which 50% were non-spam. This equates to 50 non-spam emails per day per person. And many people receive more.[4]

This is a lot of reading.

Furthermore, the majority of managers and professional employees today are knowledge workers—their job is managing information. Consequently, many professionals spend a large part of their time writing or reading documents. Business letters, reports, presentations, specifications, price quotations, webpages, and plans consume many hours as workers research, draft, revise, rewrite, and proof documents, and as readers read and act on those documents.

Even when people are watching or listening to movies, television, radio, internet videos, podcasts, music, lectures, and sermons, almost all of that content starts with the written word. People have to write it to keep it straight.

Movies, videos, radio programs, and podcasts require writing, as seen by this script for the first Star Wars movie. (photo credit)