Have your equipment ready - Step 5 – Draft

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Have your equipment ready
Step 5 – Draft

Drafting goes best when it moves quickly and with little focus on the recording method. Writers in the past ensured that they had plenty of sharpened pencils, a fountain pen that was in good repair, or a fresh typewriter ribbon. Today methods differ, but you still need to focus on your composition, not on the mode.

Select the method that works best for you. If you touch-type, there is no reason not to compose on a PC. Today, we cannot imagine using a typewriter. If a computer is unavailable, writing by hand is still an option. If you type poorly, writing by hand or using speech-to-text software is a better alternative.

Incidentally, if you do not touch-type, learn. It is an essential skill, which will serve you throughout your life.

In conclusion, before you start writing, make sure your equipment is ready. Do not use a PC or other device that is acting up. Resolve technical problems; then write.