Your personal plan - Step 5 – Draft

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Your personal plan
Step 5 – Draft

What can you do to draft more effectively?

On your next five drafting exercises, set a time limit. In each instance, the duration will depend upon the length of the piece you are composing and your writing skill. If the piece is short, then set a 10-minute limit. If the piece is long, then increase the time limit to 20-30 minutes. Use a timer. Write as fast as possible for the allotted time. Stop when the timer chimes. Count the words. Compare the word count or the words per minute over the five drafting sessions. Did you improve in speed? How did this affect the quality of what you wrote?

On your next writing assignment, consider what tone best suits your purpose. Strive to maintain the tone throughout your draft.