Remember the reader - Step 6 – Revise

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Remember the reader
Step 6 – Revise

The first step to editing is to assess how well you answered your readers’ questions and met their needs. Ask yourself:

· Does the document tell my readers what they need to know?

· Will they understand what I wrote?

· Is the document framed from their perspective?

· How will it make them feel?

· Will it motivate them to agree or to take action?

Answering these questions will help you determine if you have provided sufficient information, used sound logic, sequenced your material for best understanding, and created sentences that communicate clearly.

Another way to keep your readers in mind is to use less instances of I, we, me, us, mine, and ours and recast your thoughts using the words you, your, and yours. This may seem like a trivial suggestion, but it can make a big difference.