Proceed from known to unknown - Step 6 – Revise

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Proceed from known to unknown
Step 6 – Revise

Introduce a topic before commenting on it, and reference what is known before discussing what is new or different. This enables readers to absorb ideas, because they slot the new information into their existing web of knowledge. Here is an example of referencing what is known before proceeding to what is new:

I know you like green apples, and I believe you also will like the tart taste of these plums.

One way to progress from what is known to what is new is to:

1. Start with a phrase such as “As you are aware

2. Follow it with what the reader knows

3. Signal the new information with a word such as therefore, consequently, however, but

4. Introduce the new or contrasting information