Attend to page layout and design - Step 6 – Revise

7 Steps to Better Writing - Charles Maxwell 2020

Attend to page layout and design
Step 6 – Revise

In addition to the topics discussed, give attention to the document’s page layout and design. That is, check:

· Titles and headings

· Page size, page layout, and page numbering

· Columns and margins

· Quotations

· References, footnotes, and endnotes

· Positioning, naming, numbering, and formatting of tables, charts, graphs, photographs, diagrams, and text boxes

· Bullet and numbered list styles

· Font selection, font size, kerning (the horizontal space between letters), vertical line spacing, and fonts for emphasis and strength

A big part of succeeding with document page layout is being consistent. It helps to develop or borrow a standard and follow it. These standards are called style guides.

The other essential ingredient to getting the design correct is investing the time to check and fix all the small details. This takes patience and diligence. Yes, it is work. But, it is work that pays dividends, because a well-written document, free of errors, and consistently formatted shows respect for your readers. Furthermore, it fosters their reciprocal esteem for the author and for the institution that the author represents.