Success in Academic Writing - Trevor Day 2018


I wish to thank many people for helping to bring the first edition of the book to fruition. Students Charles Crawford, Sam Jolly and Tsz Kaai Lam kindly agreed to have their work adapted for educational purposes. The following colleagues read and commented on parts of the manuscript, provided examples, or through helpful discussions clarified and stimulated various directions of thought and practice that find expression in this book: Peter Bradley, Geoff Carr, Hazel Corradi, Matthew Day, Mary Deane, Christine Edmead, Suki Ekaratne, Julianna Fejer, Justin Hodds, Linda Humphreys, Julie Letchford, Geoff Murphy, Tom Rogers and James Wilson. Of course, I take full responsibility for the results of those interactions that appear in this book.

I would particularly like to thank the four scholarly peer reviewers (you know who you are but are anonymous to me) who provided invaluable feedback to fine-tune the first edition.

I also wish to warmly thank Gwen van der Velden, Kate Robinson and Tracey Stead at the University of Bath, Steve Cook and David Swinburne of the Royal Literary Fund, and colleagues at Aston University and Birmingham City University, who together have provided numerous opportunities for me to work with students and staff, the experience of which has informed the writing of this book.

I wish to express my appreciation to Suzannah Burywood who commissioned the book, and to others at Palgrave - Della Oliver, Jocelyn Stockley and Tina Graham - who brought their expertise to bear in creating the first edition.

For the second edition, which builds on the first, I have an additional set of people to acknowledge. Max Adams, Anna Barker, Heather Dyer, Katie Grant, Julia Hathaway, Christina Healey, Karen Ottewell and Anne Wilson have all been sources of inspiration and ideas, spurring me on to include creative activities and to more overtly cater for those from a wide range of backgrounds and learning preferences.

Thanks to the anonymous reviewers and to Helen Caunce, Rosemary Maher, Olivia Lynch, Amy Brownbridge, Margie DeWind and Vidya Venkiteshwaran who between them steered the second edition to fruition.

As ever, greatest thanks to my wife Christina who not only read the manuscripts but endured, or perhaps enjoyed, the many weekends when I was closeted away writing the first edition and the time taken away from vacations when I was penning the second.

The author would like to thank the following:

Facts On File, Inc. for permission to quote and adapt extracts from Oceans, Revised Edition, © 2008 by Trevor Day.

Taylor & Francis Group for permission to quote and adapt extracts from Trevor Day and Paul Tosey’s ’Beyond SMART? A new framework for goal setting’ from the Curriculum Journal, December 2011.