Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Grammar - Muschla Gary Robert 2010

Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Grammar - Muschla Gary Robert 2010

About this book

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Kinds and structures of sentences

E. B. White

Special States

A Space First

Subjects and predicates

A President’s Ride in an Automobile

First Settlement

Hungry Toads

Above the South Pole

Native American Explorer

First Flight

Two of a Kind

The Biggest Turtle of All

American Flag Maker

Center of the Land

Passing Time

Fragments and run-on sentences

Big Mouth

Outlaw Hero

Famous Woodpecker

Nickname for a President

First Phone Call

Famous Woman Dentist

Cool Creation



Frontier Hero


Surrounded States

Going West

Forming Plural Nouns

Famous Signature

Up, Up, and Away

Nouns with Special Plural Forms

Fast-Food First

Possessive Nouns

Famous Crime Fighter

Guide to Freedom

Famous Monument


Sources of Energy

Snowy City

Game for Kids


Two Kinds of Verbs

Author of a Classic Story

Flying While Sleeping

A Philadelphia First

Planets and Stars

Aiming for the Stars

Nighttime Animals

Not an Ordinary Tornado

Related to Mickey

Busy Bees

Hurricanes by Another Name

Direct Objects

What’s the Weather?

Walking on a Tightrope

Nouns and Adjectives That Follow Linking Verbs

Favorite Cookie

Contractions with Not

Naming America

Verb Tenses

Rules for Forming the Tenses of Verbs


Food for Plants

Coral Reef

Agreement Between Subjects and Verbs

What a Hoot!

Sports Fans

E. L. Konigsburg

Regular and Irregular Verbs

Gateway to a New Life

Big Ears

Men on the Moon

Two Special Verbs: Be and Have

Small Dog

Searching Everywhere

Warriors and Explorers

Three Special Sets of Letters

Great Explorer

Step up to the Plate



Fairy Tale Author

Tinkering Around

Hot Dogs

Flat State

Subject pronouns

Word Game

Object pronouns

Moving Along . . . Slowly

Two special pronouns: I and Me

Big Eyes

Brothers and Sisters

Dr. Seuss

Possessive pronouns


American Composer

Plenty of Prairie

Pronoun contractions

Born on the Fourth of July

Discoverer of Antibiotics

Animals with Great Memories

Dangerous Fish

Tiny Mammal




Great Athlete

A Fact About the Cells of Your Body

Unusual Colony

The Civil War

Comparing with adjectives

Special adjectives and comparing

Radio Signals

Calling Mr. President


Inventor of the Very First Computer

Studying the Earth



Bones of the Human Body

Journey Westward


Comparing with adverbs

Fairy Tales

Standing Tall

By Another Name

Negative words and double negatives

Dangerous Lizard

Giant Storm

Bacteria and Disease

Start of a Star

Rescue Dogs

Prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections


A States


Special Animals

Prepositional phrases

President’s Plane

Body System

Long Before E-Mail


Miniature Golf


One of the Very First Cars


Ancient Astronomer

Puzzling Pastime

Studying Bugs

Lots of Animals

Ski Tournament

Punctuation and capitalization


More Common than You May Think

Born in the U.S.A.

End punctuation

Bachelor President



Big Boulder

First Settlement

Mighty River

Colons and hyphens

Leaky Faucet


Famous Artist

End of the Revolutionary War

First Vice President

Quotation marks


Volcanoes and Earthquakes



First Female Police Officer

Discoverer of Bacteria

Ellis Island First

Speedy Dog

Measuring the Power of Earthquakes

Explorer of Florida

Is There a Doctor in the House?


Much Bigger than a Mouse

Minus Snakes

American Legend

Down by the Sea

Turning from Side to Side

American Royalty


Butterfly by Another Name

South Pacific Explorer

Flowing Backward

Heading to Brazil

Peninsula State

Lands Down Under

Usage and proofreading

Confusing words

Strange Creature

Around the World

First Football Game in the United States

The Green Earth

Proofreading for mistakes in grammar

Bug-Eating Mammal

Meet the Flintstones

One of Science’s Greats

Arbor Day

Early Colonist

Father’s Day

Tallest Mountain

Cool Idea

Basics of English

A Puzzle About You

Answer key