Exploring vocabulary - Muschla Gary R. 2012

Exploring vocabulary - Muschla Gary R. 2012

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Synonyms, I

Fearsome sea creature

First and last

A deadly sting

Synonyms, II

Smart dogs

The name’s the same

First named dinosaur

Antonyms, I

Left-handed animal

A Tiny animal

Little birds

Antonyms, II

An original name


A colonial first

Homographs, I

A Lethal creature

Hungry elephants

Sleepy mammals

Homographs, II

Digesting food

A radio first

New world explorer

Homophones, I

Your skin

An early writer of horror


Homophones, II

A high point

An unusual plant

After the presidency

Easily confused words, I

Alaska’s state flag

Voyage to India

Over the Atlantic

Easily confused words, II

Signer of the Constitution and President

Early astronomer

Two states

Easily confused words, III

Trail marker

Doing without water

Space pioneer

Words with Latin roots, I

To the South Pole

First to secede


Words with Latin Roots, II

A Space term

Explorer and captain

A milestone amendment

Words with Greek roots, I

Our national anthem

The five senses

Shadow on the earth

Words with Greek roots, II

A not very smart dinosaur

Cat lovers

Tiny blood vessels

Prefixes, I

The man who named the dinosaurs

The powerful heart

A bright idea

Prefixes, II

A grand biome

A bird group name

A famous animator

Suffixes, I


Revolutionary sea captain

A fast dinosaur

Suffixes, II

Heading south

A young author

Colony founder

Descriptive words, I


A first for the colonies

Measuring the clouds

Descriptive words, II

Colony for religious freedom

A colonial newspaper

The tallest dinosaur

Descriptive words, III

An animal scientist

A famous author

A deep summertime sleep

Descriptive words, IV

Planet sizes

States of matter

Falling water

Compound words, I

Dinosaur time

The nation’s capital

A president’s false teeth

Compound words, II

The American flag

A State name

Reading of the Declaration of independence

Words based on names

Planets of our Solar system

First balloon flight in America

A renewable form of energy

Portmanteau words


Inventor of the dishwasher

A prairie Author

Clipped words

Life in the sea

Named for a Queen

Parts of the Earth

Words from other languages, I

A colonial tune

A special means of communication

Salesman for a silly toy

Words from other languages, II

Making driving safer

A folk hero

Delaware’s name


A new state

Making a good thing better

Colonial protest

Words for readers and writers

A bolt of lightning

Primary and secondary colors


Math words

Dinosaur playground

Food and fuel


Geography words

Fossil fuels

A math helper

Daffy Duck

Social studies words

Rings around the planets

A very young author

First inauguration

Science words

Your blood

A crop scientist

A tiny tree

Health words

Husband and wife scientists

Nobel prize for a president

The red planet

Time words


The first American dictionary

A tasty treat

School words, I

Towering clouds

Inventor of a hearing aid

A long trip

School words, II


A special map

A horseback rider

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