Page Composition and Electronic Formats - Greek Letters

AMA Manual of Style - Stacy L. Christiansen, Cheryl Iverson 2020

Page Composition and Electronic Formats
Greek Letters

If Greek letters need to be marked or modified on page proofs, this can be done by indicating the letters “Gk” in the margin, followed by a description of the character (eg, “Gk lowercase sigma”).

Greek letters can pose problems for some web browsers. The best solution for publishers is to make sure they output Greek letters in a universal, platform-independent, nonproprietary standard for character encoding, such as Unicode. Most word processing and typesetting programs can generate Greek letters that are already Unicode encoded. Greek letters in running text should not be saved as graphics; these files are much larger than text and take longer to download.

Principal Author: Brenda Gregoline, ELS


I thank Karen Boyd and Lila Haile, formerly of JAMA Network; Frances E. Liskis, DrPh, NP, CNM, Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, Nashville, Tennessee; and Peter J. Olson, ELS, Sheridan Journal Services, Waterbury, Vermont, for comments on the chapter.