Prefixes and Particles - References

AMA Manual of Style - Stacy L. Christiansen, Cheryl Iverson 2020

Prefixes and Particles

Surnames that contain prefixes or particles (eg, von, de, La, van) are spelled and capitalized according to the preference of the persons named.

1.van Gylswyk NO, de la Valle CI.

2.Van Rosevelt RF, Bakker JC, Sinclair DM, Damen J, Van Mourik JA.

3.Al-Faquih SR.

4.Kang S, Kim KJ, Wong TY, et al.

Note: NLM does not retain the hyphen in the representation of initials for first (given) names, whereas hyphens are retained for surnames. When a given name contains a hyphen, such as Ka-Wai Tam, both initials appear, without a hyphen: Tam KW. Also, if the second part of a hyphenated name is lowercased, as in Japanese hyphenated given names, the same style is applied: Hyun-seok Kim would appear in the reference as Kim HS.