Intercapped Compounds - Capitalization

AMA Manual of Style - Stacy L. Christiansen, Cheryl Iverson 2020

Intercapped Compounds

Intercapped compounds are words that contain capital letters within them. Proprietary and brand names with such intercapitalization should retain their spelling and format.

He sells antiques on eBay.

Figures should not be submitted as PowerPoint slides.

The official iMessage deregistration website lets you enter your telephone number, even if you no longer have an iPhone handy.

This type of article is not indexed in PubMed.

Avoid starting a sentence with one of these trade names if it begins with a lowercase letter. It is almost always preferable to reword the sentence so that it begins with a word that takes an initial capital letter, while retaining the preferred spelling of the trade name.

Principal Author: Brenda Gregoline, ELS