Conclusion - Vocabulary in the trades

Vocabulary and English for Specific Purposes Research - Averil Coxhead 2018

Vocabulary in the trades

This chapter has focused on specialised vocabulary in the trades, based on the LATTE project. The trades area has relatively little research on lexis, but this chapter shows that this vocabulary shares the same characteristics as other specialised vocabulary. The examples of texts and specialised lexis in this chapter demonstrate that general vocabulary in English can also take on particular meanings in the trades, that people outside the trades do not necessarily understand specialised trades-based lexis and that there are a large number of words in English that learners in the trades need to know. A particularly interesting element in the trades is that oral communication is a main avenue of teaching and learning, and this point is very important if learners do not have strong literacy skills. This chapter completes Part Two and its focus on vocabulary for ESP in different contexts. It is fitting that the trades as an area of high need for vocabulary research is followed by a chapter which focuses on curriculum and materials design for vocabulary in ESP.