Introduction - Pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate vocabulary

Vocabulary and English for Specific Purposes Research - Averil Coxhead 2018

Pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate vocabulary

This chapter is divided into three main areas of vocabulary research in university contexts: EGAP for pre-university studies, ESAP for undergraduate level studies and ESAP for postgraduate studies. EAP is a sub-field of ESP. The chapter begins by considering why the pre-university and university contexts have been and continue to be a major area of interest for vocabulary studies. The pre-university section focuses on written and spoken vocabulary studies for EGAP. Subject and discipline-specific vocabulary at undergraduate and postgraduate levels follows, looking in particular at the Sciences, including a Science list for EAP and subject-specific research in Agriculture, Chemistry and Computer Science; Medicine, including Pharmacology; Engineering; and Applied Linguistics. The chapter concludes with a discussion of limitations in researching the vocabulary of specialised vocabulary in academic setting.