Vocabulary and English for Specific Purposes Research - Averil Coxhead 2018

Vocabulary and English for Specific Purposes Research - Averil Coxhead 2018



Why is vocabulary important in ESP?

Why am I interested in specialised vocabulary?

How is this book organised?

Approaches to identifying specialised vocabulary for ESP


Why is identifying specialised vocabulary important for ESP?

Quantitative approaches to identifying vocabulary for ESP - Corpus comparison

Keyword analysis

Issues and critiques of corpus design

Qualitative approaches to identifying specialised vocabulary for ESP - Using a corpus for qualitative analysis

Using a scale (Chung & Nation, 2004)

Using a technical dictionary

Consulting an expert

Surveys, interviews and questionnaires

Classroom-based approaches

Annotations and glossaries

Using multiple measures to identify specialised vocabulary


The role and value of word list research for ESP


Background and issues in word list research for ESP

Developing word lists for ESP using corpora

Research principles for word list development

Deciding on the unit of counting for developing word lists

Frequency and range requirements

What kinds of specialised words might be found in a corpus and how might they be classified?

High frequency items

High frequency/everyday words with technical meanings

Abbreviations as specialised vocabulary

Proper nouns as technical vocabulary

Highly specialised words


Abbreviations, acronyms and Latinate forms

Validating word lists for ESP

Using word lists for research into vocabulary in ESP - Analysing and comparing the vocabulary load of texts

Missing elements in word list research


Multi-word units and metaphor in ESP


Why research multi-word units and metaphor in ESP?

Collocations in general academic written texts

Collocations in discipline-specific texts

Lexical bundles: functions and categories

Lexical bundles in EAP: corpus-based studies of writing and speaking

Lexical bundles in textbooks

Lexical bundles in student and professional writing in EAP

Lexical bundles in learner corpora

The academic formulas list (Simpson-Vlach & Ellis, 2010)


Metaphor in EAP and ESP

Limitations of multi-word units in research


Specialised vocabulary in secondary school/Middle School


Why research vocabulary in secondary school education?

Vocabulary in secondary school texts

Challenges of specialised vocabulary in schools

Middle School Vocabulary Lists (Greene, 2008)

English Literature

Middle School English grammar and writing list

Vocabulary in teacher talk in an EAL Literature class in an international school

Vocabulary in Mathematics

Middle School Mathematics vocabulary list

Teacher talk in Mathematics

Vocabulary in Science

Investigating a university-based Science list in secondary school texts

Teacher talk and Science vocabulary: an example from an international school

Vocabulary in Social Sciences

Middle School Social Studies and History Vocabulary List

Researching teachers and the teaching of specialised vocabulary

Challenges of specialised vocabulary and technology in schools: Henry


Pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate vocabulary


Why research vocabulary in pre-university and university contexts?

Pre-university studies: vocabulary in English for general academic purposes

A multi-word unit approach to general academic vocabulary

Specialised vocabulary in undergraduate studies - Sciences



Computer Science


The case of Applied Linguistics

Limitations of specialised vocabulary research in EAP


Specialised vocabulary research and the professions


Why investigate specialised vocabulary in the professions?


Specialised vocabulary for legal purposes

Business Studies


Health-care communication


Limitations of research into vocabulary and the professions in ESP


Vocabulary in the trades


The Language in the Trades Education project

Why research vocabulary in the trades?

Corpus-based approaches to specialised vocabulary in the trades

Spoken vocabulary in the trades

Construction trades: Carpentry vocabulary

Construction trade: Plumbing and tutor decision tasks

Engineering trades: Automotive Engineering

Engineering trades: Fabrication

Limitations of this research on specialised vocabulary in the trades


Vocabulary research and ESP


Why focus on curriculum, classroom tasks, materials design and testing in specialised vocabulary and ESP research?

Nations Four Strands

The Involvement Load Hypothesis

Specialised vocabulary research into teaching and learning in ESP

Using specialised word lists in learning and teaching

Using word list research to analyse TED Talks for EAP

Testing specialised vocabulary in ESP

Word lists and testing

Limitations of research into specialised vocabulary in ESP


Future directions and conclusion


The need for more qualitative research in vocabulary and ESP

The need for more testing research in vocabulary and ESP

The need for theorising in vocabulary and ESP

The need for more evaluations of word lists and courses of learning and the need for replication studies

Vocabulary in ESP in spoken corpora, different contexts and multi-word units