Painless Reading Comprehension - Darolyn “Lyn” Jones Ed.D. 2016

Painless Reading Comprehension - Darolyn “Lyn” Jones Ed.D. 2016


Reading attitudes and patterns

What kind of reader are you?

Types of readers

Becoming a better reader

Preparations for reading

What should i do before i start reading?

Reading organizers

Warm up for reading

Mastering multiple-choice questions

Your reading voices

What if i don’t understand what i am reading?

Be a good reader

Using reading organizers

How teens read

Decoding versus reading

Do you really get what you are reading?

How do you connect with the words?

Flag words

Help with vocabulary

Reading context clues and solving the puzzle

Staircase to vocabulary success

Keeping what you read in your head

What do i do when i am finished reading?

Skimming for information

Rereading part of the text

Raising questions aids your reading

Different types of reading

How do i read for information versus reading for fun?

How is the textbook set up?

Preparing for what’s next

The SQ3R method

Textbook response sheet

Reading strategies

How can reading and graphic organizers help?

Before, during, and after you read

The 3 Ds: Determine, decide, and deduce

Practicing with reading and graphic organizers

Books, books, and more books

I can’t find a good book to read!

Books that interest teens

Further reading for teachers and parents

Why do teens struggle with reading anyway?

Improvement strategies

Works cited