Putting the science in fiction - Dan Koboldt, Chuck Wendig 2018

Putting the science in fiction - Dan Koboldt, Chuck Wendig 2018



Research labs, hospitals, and really bad ways to die

How to ask an expert

Researchers gone wild

Proper lab technique

Organogenesis in 3D

Medical misconceptions, Part I

Medical misconceptions, Part II

The science of toxins and poisoning

The many faces of death

Genome engineering: It never ends well

A whirlwind tour of the human genome

Eye-based paternity testing and other human genetics myths

The near future of human genome engineering

The science of Jurassic Park

Zombie microbiology 101

Rogue viruses and pathogens

Plagues and pandemics

The brain is wider than the sky

Writing mental health in fiction

Bipolar disorder


Misconceptions about memory

Dementia myths, part I

Dementia myths, part II

Children with behavioral, emotional, & social difficulties

Character development beyond personality quirks

The horizons of neuroscience

From zero to sixty (legs, that is)

Wildlife biology

Writing outside the human box

What bugs me about insects

Portraying wolves fairly and accurately

Gender determination in animals

Out in the cold: polar animals

Tentacles: from octopus to alien

Things to know for when Skynet takes over

Debunking myths about computers and the internet

Your science fiction cell phone isn’t cool enough

CGI is not made by computers

What’s possible with cyborgs and cybernetics

Believable nanotechnology

Crafting holograms

Information theory: deep thoughts on building hal

Earth and other planets. Yes, Pluto counts!

Near-future scenarios for humans and planet earth

The future of energy

Earthquakes: fact vs. fiction

Imagining climate change

How the ocean will kill you

Habitable atmospheres

Aging properties

Gravity basics

Sometimes, it really is rocket science

Realistic astronomy

Imaging over long distances

Relativity and space-time

Misconceptions about space

Realistic space flight

Waste management

Enclosed ecosystems and life-support systems

Star wars and the far future

Faster-than-light travel


The weapons of star wars

How to design a practical spaceship

Exoplanets and habitability

Printing the far future

About the experts