The little red writing book - Brandon Royal 2007

The little red writing book - Brandon Royal 2007

The deluxe edition



Write with a top-down approach

Break things down

Use transition words

Review the six basic writing structures

Keep like things together


Support what you say

Personalize your examples

Keep it simple

Cut down long sentences

Eliminate needless words

Gain active power

Favor verbs, not nouns

Use parallel forms

Capitalize on sentence variety

Choose an appropriate tone

Keep your writing gender neutral


Capitalize on layout and design

Employ readability tools

Use headings and headlines

Go back and rework your writing


100-question quiz

Grammatical munchkins

Word gremlins

30 all-star grammar problems


Summary of the 20 writing principles and the 40 rules of grammar

Editing tune-up

Punctuation highlights

American English vs. British English

Traditional Writing vs. Digital Writing

Selected bibliography

About the author